WECAN Launches a NFT Collection to Support the Ukrainian Soldiers

Mar 7, 2022


Let the world defeat the darkness! Save Ukraine! Donate for freedom!

WECAN launches the NFT collection “WECAN” Schema Name standwithukr. Buyers of which will support our struggle. The sale is scheduled for 7 pm UTC, March 7. 🙏Purchase here!

The sale is unlimited in time. It will end when Ukrainians will expel the occupiers from our land.

Each NFT represents a level of commitment, symbolized by types of equipment, which will help save our soldiers lives:

First Aid Kit $150

Helmet $300

Bulletproof Vest $750

Night Vision Goggles $3000

Quadcopter $4500

Flag of Ukraine $9000

The сollection will be automatically whitelisted in the R-Planet Staking Hub and supported by WECAN.

All the funds will go to a separate account, and be used for purchasing necessary life-saving equipment for Ukrainian soldiers!




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