WECAN is applying to be a WAX Block Producer

3 min readNov 16, 2021


After many months of necessary preparations, we are ready to share some exciting news to our dear community and to all users of WAX. The WECAN.dev team is excited to announce our intention to become a WAX guild! We believe that we are ready to contribute to the WAX ecosystem with not only development of our own DAPPs, but also by supporting the functionality of the WAX blockchain as one of its Block Producers.

The WECAN team has all the technical tools, knowledge, and experience to become a WAX block producer. We’ve faced and overcome many different kinds of challenges during the years developing our own Dapps. The unique insight we have gained gives us confidence that we can contribute to and help advance a robust environment for DAPPs developers. We believe we have a strong knowledge base and we are eager to use that knowledge to contribute to the development of the WAX ecosystem as a WAX Block Producer.

Our Contribution in the WAX Ecosystem

WECAN has been a contributor to the WAX ecosystem since the very beginning. We are proud to be the creators of a few notable projects, in particular Prospectors, Tribal Books, and R-Planet, which add value to the WAXIO ecosystem and contributed to the expansion of the WAX community.

Prospectors is a massive multiplayer online real-time economic strategy game launched in 2019. The initial game server was launched on EOS, and the next one named Yukon was launched on WAX. Prospectors is the first of its kind economic strategy MMO crypto game dapp utilizing distributed ledger technology. The Decentralized Game World enables a free market economy, making Prospectors a pioneer in the “play to earn” model. November 25 — Launch of the Prospectors Grand Land of Prospectors (WAX).

Tribal Books is a Step by Step NFT Сard Strategy Game in its prototype development. This is our first project utilizing NFTs

R-PLANET is an MMO strategy game utilizing NFT assets fueled by the revolutionary NFTs-staking system, which rewarded collectors and brought value by giving some utility to many projects throughout the wax ecosystem.

The R- Planet game will contain three phases, each one of which is connected with the other by circulating NFTs and in-game assets. The first stage is the current alchemy game which allows players to create NFTs and prepare for the next phases of the games development.

We Have a Lot More to Give

Working on those projects helped us to understand the needs of DAPPs developers which require not only a large-scale infrastructure solution but also a developed operational structure to manage, monitor, and maintain the WAX blockchain.

The WECAN team are professionals with fine community and industry reputations. We have all the knowledge and resources to serve the community as one of the WAX Block Producers. That brought us to the decision to become one: to show our appreciation to all members of the ecosystem and make our contribution to the strong and reliable services of the WAX structure.

By announcing our intention to become a guild and secure the WAX Blockchain, we are taking the next step forward with the hope that our efforts and intentions will be taken into account.




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