WECAN became one of the WAX Block Producers

A few days ago, team WeCan (bp.wecan) became a WAX Block Producers.

If this was any other normal day, we would share this happy news with you, and then work even harder with all our mite.

But on February 24th the rockets flew in our cities and we have no more thoughts of rejoicing.

Yet, right now, this achievement is more important for us than ever before.

Who is Block Producers

WAX Block Producer’s — are the entities that calculate transactions provided in blocks.

The main purpose of a block producer is to validate the transactions that come from the WAX network and store it within the blockchain.

We put in a lot of effort to become worthy and meet all the requirements from both the technical point of view and from an ecosystem development standpoint. Now WECAN is one of the top 21 WAX Block Producers.

WECAN’s official statement

Block Producers are entitled to a reward for the validation of blocks.

We would like to make an official statement regarding our reward for block production. WECAN will donate our entire block-producing reward to purchase equipment for Ukrainian soldiers.

Also, we will soon launch an NFT collection, of which buyers will be able to support our increasingly urgent struggle.

We are grateful for every word of support!

Slava Ukraini !

Full stack games development. Building the metaverse, one gamified world at a time.

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Full stack games development. Building the metaverse, one gamified world at a time.

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