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Another year comes to its end. All the people working in crypto would likely agree that 2021 was like a race within a rapidly changing environment with dozens of projects and services being launched every day. New technologies emerged only to disappear or potentially grow into something massive. 2021 will likely be remembered as the year of the NFT, the beginning of the next meta “metaverses” and oh so many farming games. Throughout these ever evolving settings, we at WeCan have done our best in trying to answer requests of the market and our community, at the same time staying the course to our vision.

For the WECAN team, 2021 was a very productive year highlighted by 3 games we are proud of, the fantastic communities around them and with a few exciting services developed for those projects along the way. Even taking into account crises that happened from time to time, in our world and yours, we are looking forward to the future of WeCan’s Blockchain Gaming with confidence and big, BIG plans for the future.

At the moment two of team WECAN’s realized projects are in the TOP 6 games on WAX! We feel that this is testament that we can consider 2021 as a pretty successful year.

The end of the year is the right time to look back and reflect on the wins, losses and many achievements we’ve seen along the way; so that we can learn from them, grow and improve on an even brighter future!

Let’s go!


Prospectors started the year with adventure in the Tombstone Boomtown. Boomtown was a time-limited game server where players should unite their efforts to build a Railway.

Despite adverse conditions, settlers had managed to fulfill the task 6 days before the end of the server and won the challenge. 75% of 674 thousand PGL collected during the challenge; through rent, taxes and exchange commission, was distributed among all the QPSS holders who took part in the construction of the Railroad.

Nevertheless and without a doubt, 2021 for Prospectors will always be the year of the Grand Land. The extremely fast rise of NFT assets was right on time for Prospectors to make their dreams about being a landowner in the Grand Land come true.

Most of the year was spent behind the scenes on some good old fashioned development. Along with coding, there were a few land sales as well as the exciting auction of premium land and assets in Prospectors native currency, PGL. The Grand Land was launched on November 25 and a month later we are now observing a dynamic development of the Grand Land society with a daily user base that grows everyday.

Thanks to the fact that a lot of the plots have no owner yet and there are enough Land Packs available for purchase, a new player can still join the game at a later date and be competitive. They will be able to research their land, looking for gold and start mining from the very start allowing them to experience all the best emotions we love Prospectors for.

At this point of its existence, the Grand Land’s intricate economic society has only just begun to develop. Many of the necessary buildings key to the manufacturing process are still in development, which is why there is a lack of tools and materials, and those that are on the market currently may be expensive. Most of the everyday Prospectors craft tools by themselves from collected resources within the free plots on the perimeter of the Grand Land. But, day by day, more buildings quietly emerge on the map. At the end of the year, citizens of Grand Land produced a few gold pans and started researching plots for gold. That means that the most interesting period is only about to begin!

Now, Prospectors sits in third place among games on WAX and ranks sixth among all the dapps on WAX with the current number of players at more than 30k!

The Big Goal 2022: Launch Prospectors on the Binance Smart Chain

Tribal Books

The end of 2021 brought great news to the Tribal Books community with the launch of one of the pregame rituals that is allowing players to get the Hero Character NFTs for the game. The Call the Hero ritual is available onsite. A player can stake and enchant magical MANA with his books and symbols, and then exchange that MANA for a pack with a random Hero of 6 rarities in it.

Some of the players already managed to call a few heroes, which will be helpful in earning more MANA as well as in the future of the game. Meanwhile, the team keeps working hard in the background on the game and balancing the prototype.

Also during the last year, Tribal Books cards saw quite high aether mining rates within the R-Planet Staking System. That provided huge additional value for their owners while the game was in development.

The Big Goal 2022: Launch the Tribal Books Game


The R-Planet Staking System, which had been announced at the end of 2020 as a common project of WECAN and CryptoLions, began its rise at the beginning of 2021. At some point it managed to catch the trending wave leading the market and helping other projects with a use case and to be seen.

The Staking System was the base operation of R-Planet, helping to mine the in-game token Aether that was necessary for the next stage of the game. Somewhere around this point, our partnership with CryptoLions ended, we parted ways and separated under friendly and mutually beneficial conditions. R-Planet is now solely under team WECAN’S wings.

During the Evacuation Phase of the game, R-Planet took first place among all games on WAX and brought more and more new users into the ecosystem we all enjoy.

Inspired by a successful launch, the team decided to expand upon our initial plan (to make Conquest a simple crafting play) and instead we’ve decided to develop a real full-scale MMO with NFT assets usage in game. We knew that it would take much more time and resources than we initially planned but we felt our community deserved the absolute best. It was not certain that everyone would understand why we chose this more difficult path , yet we’ve made the decision and have never regretted it. Especially now that the first results can be seen, it is clear that the R-Planet conquest game will live up to its full potential.

WECAN has always positioned itself as a blockchain game development team. We are big fans of such games ourselves. We believe that utilizing blockchain technology can create amazing opportunities for developing gaming worlds that could be much closer to real life, than ever before. WECAN will stamp its mark into the development of this segment of the industry.

We are developing high quality games that will stand the test of time. These games in development will be worth waiting for. This process takes more time than the crypto world has been used to. Yet it will absolutely be worth it.

The spring was a glorious time for R-Planet and all those involved. But after some time, the overproduction of Aether became a problem, and without enough use cases in place, (caused by our decision to expand and therefore delay the conquest game) the project suffered a big loss later in the year. We went from around 23k of daily users in the summer, down to a bit more than 3k daily users today. We recognize the issue, acknowledge it and have implemented plans and execution to rectify the situation.

You’ll be glad to know that at the moment we stand on firm ground with a plan and a few strong decisions that will deal with the problem. We’ve already taken a few steps to remedy the situation, like a system of tickets for NFTs distribution and reform of the R-Planet Staking System. A lot more is to be done in the near future if we’re going to get back on track. It won’t be easy, yet it will make R-Planet great again and prepare us for the final destination of our expedition, the R-Planet Conquest Game.

If the previous year for R-Planet was the year of Evacuation and Colonization then this year will be the year of the R-DAO and the Conquest game! Get excited, we are!

Three Big Goals for 2022:

  • the R-Planet Conquest Game
  • the R-DAO
  • R-Planet Marketplace

Finally, we would like to say that we are worth little without you, our dear community. We are grateful for all your support, for help with testing, for remarks and comments, for creating tools and communities of proactive players around all our projects. You help us to evolve into our best selves and we’ll do our best to not disappoint you but instead exceed all of your expectations! Because together, WeCan!




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