There is a War in Ukraine
2 min readMar 1, 2022


Dear Community,

There is a war in Ukraine. The WECAN team grew up and live here. It’s our beautiful land with amazing Ukrainian people who are now facing a brutal, full scale war with civilians, women and even children being killed.

The Russian army openly (this time without hiding and without disguise) attacked our cities and our people.

You hear things, you read about it in the news, but we feel it. Our reality is living in fear, watching our family, friends and acquaintances die.

We have always had a strict line between work and politics. But now it is a matter of life and death. Literally.

We know you have questions, so we are preparing a detailed informative campaign where you can find out and understand why Putin hates independent Ukraine so much.

People are hiding in the subway during Russian airstrikes . February 2022, Ukraine

Russia’s propaganda machine has misinformed more than just its population for years. That’s why there are a lot of fakes online, a lot of outright lies, even in English-language articles.

We know that there are Russians in our community and we believe that they are smart enough to distinguish truth from fakes.

Therefore, we warn that for any message, where there will be even a hint of Russian propaganda, an account will be immediately banned.

We cannot remain tolerant. The Russian aggressors must leave our country so every Ukrainian will be able to fully return to their work. And we will be able to do what we love, to develop and support our projects.



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