One Year of War: Our Fight for Survival
2 min readFeb 24, 2023


Today marks a year since a full-scale war has been ongoing in our country. Previously, we wouldn’t have believed one could get accustomed to war, working efficiently between air alarms and explosions.

But one thing that we can never get used to is the injustice that this war brings. Among the thousands killed and tortured by the russians are some of our nation’s best boys and girls. And this sorrow now stays with us forever.

The country that attacked us and is responsible for the sea of blood and suffering organized a festive concert with songs and dances in their capital on the eve of the war anniversary. And on the anniversary day, they called for launching fireworks at dawn (just at the time as their first rockets flew to our peaceful sleeping cities a year ago).

That’s probably all you need to know about who attacked us. And no one should doubt who we are fighting, what we are fighting for, and why. But this year, we often encountered comments from foreigners who call themselves pacifists, urging not to help Ukraine with weapons, because it only prolongs the war.

And they are partly right — only thanks to military aid to Ukrainians, the war continues, and we Ukrainians remain alive. Because when a madman attacks you, obsessed with the idea of killing you, no talks, shared tea, or involving mutual friends in persuasion will help you. He may have tea with you and even agree to be friends, but he will still kill you later. And after he kills you, this unpunished madman will go looking for his next victim. That’s why you don’t negotiate with a madman. You stop him by force and imprison him.

We thank everyone for their understanding, support, and kind words! Most of all, we want the war to end. And humanity only spends its time and potential on development, innovation, and good deeds. All this will happen inevitably. But only when the Russian killer-madman is stopped, disarmed, and punished.



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