Join the WeCan Christmas Quest adventure
3 min readDec 25, 2020 invites you to join its first multi-project quest, an exciting trip through unknown spaces! Hunt for secret codes, try to outrun competitors, and win a prize! Four crypto projects take part in the WECAN. Christmas Quest: R-PLANET, Tribal Books, Dark Country, and Prospectors. The secret codes might be hidden throughout social media, disguised on the sites, or even inside the games. Take your chance to get a slice of the $5000 prize pool in NFTs!

Whether you are a follower of one of the participating projects or you just have heard about them, it’s going to be fun! You’ll learn a lot of new things even if you are just a temporary visitor in a new game reality.

We hope it will inspire other projects to join our quests in the future. So this type of challenge will develop and become more exciting over time.

About the Participating Projects

Four projects take part in the Christmas Quest: the alchemic game fueled by the revolutionary NFTs-staking system R-PLANET, the NFT card game Tribal Books, the massive multiplayer online real-time еconomic strategy game Prospectors, and the American gothic trading card game Dark Country.

Each of the named projects allocated on the quest a generous bunch of prizes. The reward will be split upon completion of the quest.

You have a chance to get :

1000 aether from R-PLANET

30 Common, 20 Rare, and 10 Unique Atlantis Books from Tribal Books;

20 Hero Packs from Prospectors;

10 Adventure Hero Packs and 20 Champion Hero Pack from Dark Country

25 Mega Prizes will be drawn among all participants, who will score 43 points.

How Everything Works

On the page of Christmas Quest, you’ll see a list of tasks, and tips near each of them as well as hints regarding the possible location of the code. Some of the materials with hidden secret codes are already published, another will appear during the Quest. For every correct code, you’ll earn points. After earning a certain amount of points, you will be entered into the prize drawing.

Be open-minded, try to think out of the box, be as fast as you can, and the lady Fortune will join you.

Start your 2021 off with a victory and a valuable prize.






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