Christmas Quest Crossed the Finish Line
2 min readJan 18, 2021

Congratulations to all the adventurers and code hunters! Hopefully, you have already received some prizes. In a few days 25 Mega Prizes are about to be drawn among those players who have earned all 43 points.

Four projects took part in the Christmas Quest: the alchemic game fueled by the revolutionary NFTs-staking system R-PLANET, the NFT card game Tribal Books, the massive multiplayer online real-time еconomic strategy game Prospectors, and the American gothic trading card game Dark Country.

Each of the named projects allocated a generous bunch of prizes toward the prize pool for the quest. They were distributed along the way among the participants who searched the secret codes hidden throughout social media, disguised on the sites, or even inside the games. Most of the prizes went to those participants who earned a certain amount of points first. Some prizes were granted to all who gathered the minimal amount of points.

Winners list here!

List of distributed prizes:

🔥20000 aether from R-PLANET (Extra bonus!!!)

🔥30 Common, 20 Rare, and 10 Unique Atlantis Books from Tribal Books;

🔥20 Hero Packs from Prospectors;

🔥10 Adventure Hero Packs and 20 Champion Hero Pack from Dark Country

All who have earned 43 points, will be entered into the drawing for 🔥25 unique WECAN NFTs full with Prospectors gold!





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