Building the metaverse, one gamified world at a time.
1 min readDec 23, 2020

Full stack games development



Decentralized Game World with a free market economy, powered by EOSio.

Prospectors is the first of its kind economic strategy MMO dapp utilizing distributed ledger technology.

The Decentralized Game World, powered by EOSio, enables a free market economy, making Prospectors a pioneer in the distributed ledger game model.


Tribal Books is a free-to-play online digital collectible step-by-step NFT-card game. Each round, two players compete with each using the cards and magical forces from the Tribal Books. Only one will become a winner.

Collect NFT cards. Use them to beat the foe. Upgrade your Tribal Book to open powerful magic forces. Become the hero who will restore the greatness of the enchanted heart-cities and get their treasures!


“R-PLANET” is the newest game being developed by the WECAN team.

Powered by a revolutionary new NFTs-staking system, users will generate AETHER by Staking NFT’s from any of the listed projects supported by “R-planet”.

The gamified world of R-planet is fueled by AETHER. It is the key component to the alchemic aspect of the game, where basic elements can be acquired and combined to create new elements, generating new NFT’s

Mining AETHER is great way to benefit from unused NFTs and have a lot of fun earning passive rewards!



Full stack games development. Building the metaverse, one gamified world at a time.